Optimise Your Code Performance with Artemis

With Artemis you can improve your code quality, accelerate it, use less memory, reduce cloud costs and burn less energy

Artemis Capabilities

Code Generation

Generate high-quality, maintainable code with our GenAI-powered platform. Use advanced LLMs to create efficient, scalable code that integrates seamlessly with your projects.

Code Refactoring

Improve code quality and upgrade libraries at scale using GenAI. Maintain your coding style and guidelines with seamless, intelligent refactoring.

Code Optimisation

Enhance your code’s efficiency by leveraging LLMs for optimising speed, memory usage, and sustainability, all while cutting down on cloud costs and technical debt.

Code Acceleration

Achieve faster runtime performance and reduce compute usage effortlessly with GenAI-powered solutions, leading to lower carbon emissions and quicker execution speeds.

Code Translation

Translate your code between different programming languages with ease, utilizing LLMs to maintain functionality and performance while adapting to new tech stacks.

Cloud Migration

Simplify the cloud migration process by optimising your code for cloud environments using LLMs, reducing costs, and enhancing performance during the transition.

Experience the GenAI era of code optimisation

Boost Your Code Performance with Ease

Artemis assists developers in identifying inefficient code throughout entire codebases and provides recommendations for optimal changes to enhance performance. It leverages LLMs and proprietary ML-based optimisation techniques to optimise code for faster execution, reduced compute usage, and lower carbon emissions.

Sit back as I analyse your code …

65 code optimised changes found!

The suggested optimised version increases CPU performance by 33% and throughput by 41%.

Ship Your Code to Production Faster

Artemis automates the iterative and tedious performance optimisation process, freeing developers to focus on new features and getting products to market faster.


Artemis works on any code languages, IDEs, and LLMs of your choice.


Artemis seamlessly scales as codebases and teams grow over time.

Reduced Compute Costs, Improved Sustainability

Artemis optimises code to reduce compute costs and technical debt, while improving cleanliness and efficiency. Efficient code also helps minimise carbon emissions, aligning with your sustainability goals.

Boost Application's Efficiency​

Artemis detects code inefficiencies and suggests solutions to boost application speed and cut computational costs.

GenAI-powered Code Optimisation

Get optimal code alternatives based on your custom performance metrics and hardware specifications.

Code Performance Evaluation

Effortlessly compare performance trade-offs of different code versions on a single screen, allowing you to easily select the best options without the need for manual analysis.

32.72% Faster Runtime Acceleration for the QuantLib C++ Library

Our team leveraged Artemis AI to optimise QuantLib, a crucial open-source library for quantitative finance extensively used by banks and hedge funds for modelling, trading, and risk management. Our successful pull request has been integrated, enhancing a library that underpins 374 other code repositories, including high-profile projects like Amazon Web Services EC2 Spot Workshops. This optimisation translates into faster pricing and risk calculations for financial firms, enabling quicker, more profitable decisions.


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