Automatically Generate and Optimise Your ML Code

Generate high-performing ML model code by uploading your data. evoML will automatically optimise speed and memory usage to match your hardware configuration.

Cutting-edge solution

Feature Engineering

Automatically get your data clean and ready for any ML Model. Automatic data cleaning, feature selection and generation.

Large Language Models

Import LLMs from OpenAI or HuggingFace and get the best data embeddings for more accurate models.

Performance Benchmark

Evaluate your model code’s throughput and latency in different scenarios (e.g. data volume, hardware).

Code and model-level acceleration

Identify and address the costliest lines of code impacting both model training and prediction speed. Enhance prediction performance by harnessing more efficient runtimes like PyTorch or ONNX tailored to your hardware, including GPU acceleration.

Distributed Computation

Leverage evoML to optimise speed by parallelising the most performant critical components.

Generate and Optimise your ML Code

Boost Performance with Fast and Robust ML

With evoML, data scientists and developers can build efficient ML models that execute fast without compromising accuracy. Faster ML enhances user experience and reduces costs.

Custom Optimisation Metrics

Effortlessly navigate complex trade-offs by tailoring metrics, including accuracy, speed, and carbon emissions.

Targeted Hardware Acceleration

Optimise model speed and memory usage for your target hardware while decreasing deployment costs.

Accelerate Time to Production with Confidence

evoML streamlines the end-to-end data science workflow for both predictive models and LLMs, accelerating time to production to a matter of days. The fully transparent workflow ensures confident decision-making.

Focus on Innovation, Not Code Quality

evoML generates production-ready ML model code, empowering data scientists to focus on strategic innovations and engineers to rapidly deploy models into production at scale.

Visualise, explore and prepare your data

Connect to data sources, generate synthetic data, visualize your data, and prepare it for machine learning with ease.

Build and optimise models and LLMs

Select from a diverse model library (LLMs, open-source, proprietary) or utilize custom models. Access advanced tools  and GenAI-driven feature recommendations.

Opimise your model for target hardware

Tailor performance metrics, compare models with detailed explanations, optimize runtime, reduce compute costs, and deploy seamlessly with flexible options.

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