We reshape AI code optimisation.

We transform the business world with our next generation of AI optimisation. We reshape how AI is built and used, and empower our customers to achieve success.

Every company is born out of a desire of its founders. We, too, had one.

The work co-founders met during their University College London PhD research and, after working in prestigious financial institutions, grew frustrated with the time-consuming, resource-intensive, and expertise-reliant manual processes of machine learning development and code optimization. To tackle these challenges, they created EvoML, an AI optimization platform, leading to the birth of TurinTech in 2018.

Our Promise

We founded TurinTech to revolutionize code optimization. Our AI-powered tool is the market leader, benefiting thousands of developers worldwide. We’re passionate about making a difference and committed to constant improvement.

We are a diverse group of
people, brought together by our love for AI.

🏆 Awards & Nominations

Continuous dedication to our work has helped us secure multiple prestigious and internationally recognised awards.

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